It’s all just dots

I’ve bought a new monitor. (My parents’ monitor went bonkers, so I donated mine as it’s a splendid excuse for a new one.)

I plumped for a Dell 2001FP, waiting just long enough for Dell to drop the price by £109. It’s 20.1 in, 1600×1200, with DVI, USB hub, etc. Bit of a hefty beast, but a big step up from 1024×768. Double the dots, in fact.

It’s very impressive. No dead pixels as far as I can tell. I’ve spent the afternoon in dual-screen heaven doing work stuff on the Mac. Mmm, 3,000,000 pixels. The Spectrum had 49,152.



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3 responses to “It’s all just dots

  1. st1

    3,000,000 pixels

    But does this new display have colour-clash?

    • Re: 3,000,000 pixels

      Yes. It’s got a black back that looks out of place with the rest of the standard PC beige ensemble.

      • Anonymous

        Re: 3,000,000 pixels

        What isn’t common knowledge is that the DVI spec was so magnificently designed that it can’t go greater than 1600×1200. Sheesh. To me that is a hardship resolution, and I grew up with a 16K speccie, not the oodles of memory you lot had.

        Another example of a low arbitrary limit was Sony’s memory stick only doing 128MB. So they had to come out with a new version. Then they decided to have two form factors …

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