Now with added children!

Last night was the Exsquiddy Christmas party (my photos, Andy’s photos).

We planned to meet at the Pickerel, and indeed started to do so. But there’s a strict no-under-18s policy there, and no sooner had Sharon arrived with Evie (and been bought a glass of wine) than a barman told her she had to drink up and leave. Banning toddlers and screamers I can understand, but Evie wasn’t being any trouble. They refused to serve anyone else in the group until Sharon had left.

So she drank up and, along with the drinkless, went to Sino Tap instead (ex-Rope and Twine; yes, it serves Chinese food). Chef, Andy and (until I’d finished my drink) I remained for a time to point stragglers such as the family Shire to the other pub.

From there to La Margherita. Bryony was there with her new fella, plus Nadia and Antonella. Pretty good turnout all told. The food was up to the usual standard. (It always amazes me how some restaurants just can’t cope with a group of 20 and insist on a hobbled menu. We’ve never had any trouble at La Marg.)

After the meal we went back to Sino Tap for the rest of the evening. A very agreeable establishment.



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