New job, new product

Some of you know most of this already, but I haven’t blogged it yet so here it is. Effective November 10 (though it was a few weeks before all i’s and t’s were ship-shape) I packed away my freelance hat and now have a permanent job at ANT.

My hand-wave of a job title is “Creative Architect”, which is the closest I’ve so far achieved to my long-desired role as “Manager of Stuff”. The job involves content creation — webby stuff — for demos, customers, etc; user interface stuff; general design stuff; internal/external communication stuff; and general sticking-my-nose-in stuff.

I’ve spent the last couple of months working on a new product that was announced this week. It’s “content presentation and control software”, and definitely not a browser. Oh no. I’ve been working on demo content to be shown at CES next month. You can see some of the stuff I’ve been doing on a page of screenshots (housepoints will be awarded to observant readers).


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