Handwriting recognition

No, not computers for once. People.

I received a Christmas card this morning from someone I was at school with (hi John!). Funny thing is, I recognised his handwriting on the envelope immediately.

There was no “oh, I know that writing, whose is it?” phase, which you sometimes get with faces and voices. It was instant recognition. I am pretty good at recognising people’s handwriting, but is that common? I admit I have seen his handwriting since we were at school, but not that often (usually just at Christmas…).

I wonder how large the handwriting sample has to be before the brain pings a positive match? Looking at the envelope, I think I’d have got it from the first line.

Someone’s bound to have researched this somewhere.


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  1. Anonymous

    Opposite problem

    About the only writing I ever do is my signature which has now degenerated into a horizontal line with small bumps. Consequently I can’t even read my own writing.

    I can always recognise my mother’s handwriting though. Somewhat helpful as she responds to my emails by sending snail mail!

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