ANT eating

Last night was ANT’s Christmas party. Venue was, er, The Venue. It used to be on Regent Street, but is now hidden away on the top floor of the Cambridge Arts Theatre. It’s very well hidden, actually: I (and some other diners) couldn’t find the way in, as we were foolishly expecting some kind of signage. Turns out you go into the side entrance of the Arts Theatre and fumble around until you find it. (On the way up the stairs the tannoy announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please take your seats for tonight’s presentation of Jack and the Beanstalk”. Shock news: Biggins ain’t in it.)

Dining attire ranged from jeans/jumper to full DJ. Comedy ties were also in attendance. I played safe with shirt and trousers.

My food was, to be honest, not that great. Moz/tom salad to start, pretty good; some kind of risotto concoction, pretty feeble. I was under-portioned relative to turkey eaters. Chris’s dinner party the other night had better food and indeed better wine.

ISTR they chucked us out at about half-twelve. We were sluiced out of the stage door, but sadly nobody was waiting for our autographs.

Avaragado’s rating: one not-so-magic bean



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2 responses to “ANT eating

  1. Anonymous


    Isn’t it a bit unconventional to have the Christmas party so less than 48 hours from the actual day? For some bizarre reason they normally seem to happen weeks beforehand. Can anything be read into this?

    • Re: Unconventional

      It’s very unconventional, and consequently many people couldn’t come as they couldn’t get babysitters for that night.

      I think the cause was that we forgot to book something when we had the pick of the dates. Possibly the thing to read into this is that the person responsible was and is pretty busy.

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