Restaurant, restaurant

Last night Sharon, Evie and I went to Chez Gerard. It was my birthday, you see, and since Sharon couldn’t go to the official do last Saturday she decided to take me out on an unofficial do on my official birthday.

I’m pretty sure I had exactly the same meal as the last time I went to Chez Gerard: french onion soup, puys lentil casserole thing. Very nice.

Evie’s reached the interested-in-everything stage, so she stared at anyone and everyone who ventured near us – which was everyone in the restaurant, since we were parked next to the bar not far from the entrance. One of the nice barmen made Evie a rose out of a napkin; she tried to eat it. Like mother, like daughter…

Avaragado’s rating: one bowl of insufficiently pureed vegetables.

On the way back we crossed Magdalene Bridge – and turned round and crossed it again, and then again. We like this part of town, you see. Evie looked at Sharon strangely as we went back and forth, as did some others on the bridge.

Tonight I went out with my family for a meal – the Black Horse in Elton, if you’re interested. Pub with posh food. Very good food too, except they did need prompting to actually take our order. And they produced a Cambridge+Chef bill, a long way from Cambridge and without Chef cuddling the wine list. Still, 21 again and all that.

Avaragado’s rating: one ostrich



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3 responses to “Restaurant, restaurant

  1. Anonymous

    Say it isn’t so

    Have you gone all vegetable, or even worse vegan?

    • Re: Say it isn’t so

      Vegetable, Rog. Nobody tells you anything do they? :-)

      • Anonymous

        Re: Say it isn’t so

        I don’t care about anything else, but *this* is serious. “They” have recruited you to the wrong side. It goes against societies norms, and is probably found to be bad in all major religions.

        Evolution gave you incisors to rip meat apart. It put you on the top of the food chain and gave you the ability to eat almost everything. And you just throw that all way and constrain yourself being like an animal and eating shrubbery,

        My official protest: sheesh.

        Maybe I’ll have to work out how to do one of them intervention things?

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