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El Parador
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Took the day off work to meet up with Sarah in London. Staggeringly the trains worked out perfectly: I tubed from King’s Cross to Paddington and met Sarah off the Bristol train with almost no waiting for either of us. But that trick never works!

We headed to Euston and walked in the general direction of Camden Market, intending to stop at a tapas restaurant Sarah knew called El Parador. Apart from completely missing our target, Eversholt Street (I think we were distracted by gossip), and having to take the long way round, we found it.

Sadly they were full and told us to come back in 25 minutes. We did, and they were still full – but promised that there’d be a table in five minutes. We took this to be a good sign: anonymous restaurant, reasonably random London street, packed.

We waited, and were seated. We waited, and ordered (and drank nice wine). We waited, and ate. It was well worth the delay. We had four dishes, all fantastic. A spinachy creamy thing, a sweet potato thing, a spicy potato thing, and a random veg extravaganza thing.

We left at about 3pm. Later lunch than we expected, but worth it. Avaragado can thoroughly recommend it, oh yes. It was so good I took a photo of the restaurant.

After lunch we took a quick spin round Camden Market (meh) then headed to Covent Garden. To a pub upstairs from a Cornish pastie shop, in fact, that sells lots of Cornish beer. Sarah managed a couple of sips before accidentally tipping her pint all over the place. I finished mine using the more orthodox route.

And then it was back home on the 5:45 from King’s Cross, boarding with seconds to spare. I took a taxi home from the station; the taxi driver told me how he broke his nose in Alpe D’Huez, and straightened it up himself with the help of a little ice and some gritted teeth. Thought I’d share that with you.


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Restaurant, restaurant

Last night Sharon, Evie and I went to Chez Gerard. It was my birthday, you see, and since Sharon couldn’t go to the official do last Saturday she decided to take me out on an unofficial do on my official birthday.

I’m pretty sure I had exactly the same meal as the last time I went to Chez Gerard: french onion soup, puys lentil casserole thing. Very nice.

Evie’s reached the interested-in-everything stage, so she stared at anyone and everyone who ventured near us – which was everyone in the restaurant, since we were parked next to the bar not far from the entrance. One of the nice barmen made Evie a rose out of a napkin; she tried to eat it. Like mother, like daughter…

Avaragado’s rating: one bowl of insufficiently pureed vegetables.

On the way back we crossed Magdalene Bridge – and turned round and crossed it again, and then again. We like this part of town, you see. Evie looked at Sharon strangely as we went back and forth, as did some others on the bridge.

Tonight I went out with my family for a meal – the Black Horse in Elton, if you’re interested. Pub with posh food. Very good food too, except they did need prompting to actually take our order. And they produced a Cambridge+Chef bill, a long way from Cambridge and without Chef cuddling the wine list. Still, 21 again and all that.

Avaragado’s rating: one ostrich


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Birthday do

It’s my birthday next Friday, but for various reasons I had my birthday do last night. Everyone was there, except the people who couldn’t make it.

We went to the Riverside Restaurant, hidden away in the University Centre and consequently almost empty. On the one hand it’s a shame, since it has great food and attentive service. On the other hand you don’t want any old riff-raff turning up, do you?

From there to the Mill, then to Louise’s where Chef did his usual drunken rabbiting throughout a pretty good Doctor Who episode, and then home. I think it was about 2:30 when I got to bed. At 7:30 I was up again, as Mikey (kipping on my floor for the night) was heading off early to go climbing in Derbyshire.

Anyway, my birthday do photos are in the usual place. Chris has some photos too.

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