Avaragado’s crystal ballot box

Avaragado predicts…

  • Cambridge will go Lib Dem. I’ve barely seen any posters from other parties. Not that that’s a perfect indicator, but it’s in tune with my hunch.
  • Oliver Letwin will lose his seat.
  • Two independent MPs, no UKIP, no Green.
  • Lib Dems will have a net gain of between 10-20 seats.
  • Labour majority of about 50.


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6 responses to “Avaragado’s crystal ballot box

  1. Anonymous

    Important question

    So just how late did you stay up watching the results? You are probably still up as I type this.

  2. Anonymous

    1. Tick
    2. Cross
    3. Half tick (three, not two)
    4. Tick (9 so far, but we’ll give you that)
    5. Tick (58 so far, expected to rise to 66 so you can have that too)

    3.5/5 – B … good effort.

    Poor old Anne Cambell. The first MP with a website you know.

    • Annoyed about Letwin. I thought that was a sure bet.

      I could argue that there are two true independents (the Wyre Forest save-the-hospital bloke, who amazingly got re-elected, and the Blaenau Gwent no-all-women-shortlists bloke) and another “proper” party candidate, the swivel-eyed George Galloway from Respect (AKA the sir-I-salute-your-indefatigability party in Private Eye). But anyway.

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