Vote early, vote slowly

Vote early, vote slowly
Originally uploaded by avaragado.

I had to queue to vote this morning. For half an hour! I’ve never had to queue before. I suspect the well-oiled machine hadn’t yet started firing on all blue-rinsed cylinders.

Half way through the queue – at about the doorway you see in my excellent photo – we were graced with the presence of Maurice Wilkes and wife, combined age 409. We let them jump the queue. He probably invented a sophisticated algorithm for queue jumping anyway, so it’s only fair.


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One response to “Vote early, vote slowly

  1. Queue, what queue?

    Blimey, guess central Cambridge was just brimming with enthusiasm for the election. No such queue problem out in the wilds of Kings Hedges. Hardly anyone there. I cycled down there for 8am thinking I’d have to queue for awhile, but I was all done by 8:15. I could have had an extra hour in bed, grumble, grumble…

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