On the road

Today I went to [town] to visit [company] and talk about [product]. I went down [motorway], luckily about half an hour in front of a lorry that went wheels-up and blocked the road all day near [airport].

[motorway] was chocka, as per. So was [motorway]. Curiously the worst part was the junction where I left [motorway] to head into [town]. I suspect an earlier [compass-direction]-bound accident on [motorway] was the cause.

After a fruitful meeting that ended at about 1:30, I headed back. I decided to avoid [motorway] and drove semi-randomly for a bit, towards [town], thinking about finding some food. Very famous, big [dynasty] [building], lots of [extra-nationals] hoping that [royal] was in (yes).

I didn’t stop there. I eventually found myself back on chocka [motorway], passing [airport]. I got bored and hungry, left [motorway] again at [town], turned left randomly onto a road that struggled to support a lane in both directions, found a pub, and ate a sandwich in the sunshine. Texted [person].

Then back onto chocka [motorway], which proceeded to clog further. The nice lady on Radio 5 Live told me there was an accident nearby, and there was: though all I saw of it was a forlorn chap on a verge on his mobile looking down at the mangled remains of the front half of his car.

The same nice lady also mentioned how the wheels-up lorry I’d avoided earlier was still causing problems on [motorway] near [airport]. They’d decided to basically shut it for a bit between junctions [n] and [m] to clear things up. That’s about 17 miles of shut, but luckily heading [compass direction] rather than [opposite compass direction].

And so it proved: 17 miles of nothing on the opposite carriageway. Hopefully it’ll be open again when I head back down [motorway] in about five minutes to pick up my parents from [airport]…



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2 responses to “On the road

  1. Anonymous

    [preposition] the [expletive]

    You’ll be getting a Cavalier next if driving around for business is that fascinating!

  2. Anonymous


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