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On the road

Today I went to [town] to visit [company] and talk about [product]. I went down [motorway], luckily about half an hour in front of a lorry that went wheels-up and blocked the road all day near [airport].

[motorway] was chocka, as per. So was [motorway]. Curiously the worst part was the junction where I left [motorway] to head into [town]. I suspect an earlier [compass-direction]-bound accident on [motorway] was the cause.

After a fruitful meeting that ended at about 1:30, I headed back. I decided to avoid [motorway] and drove semi-randomly for a bit, towards [town], thinking about finding some food. Very famous, big [dynasty] [building], lots of [extra-nationals] hoping that [royal] was in (yes).

I didn’t stop there. I eventually found myself back on chocka [motorway], passing [airport]. I got bored and hungry, left [motorway] again at [town], turned left randomly onto a road that struggled to support a lane in both directions, found a pub, and ate a sandwich in the sunshine. Texted [person].

Then back onto chocka [motorway], which proceeded to clog further. The nice lady on Radio 5 Live told me there was an accident nearby, and there was: though all I saw of it was a forlorn chap on a verge on his mobile looking down at the mangled remains of the front half of his car.

The same nice lady also mentioned how the wheels-up lorry I’d avoided earlier was still causing problems on [motorway] near [airport]. They’d decided to basically shut it for a bit between junctions [n] and [m] to clear things up. That’s about 17 miles of shut, but luckily heading [compass direction] rather than [opposite compass direction].

And so it proved: 17 miles of nothing on the opposite carriageway. Hopefully it’ll be open again when I head back down [motorway] in about five minutes to pick up my parents from [airport]…



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Long, long lunch

Odd day at work today. A Milestone Was Reached, and celebrations were deemed to be in order. I was expecting beers to spontaneously appear a la SCO Fridays from days of yore, or maybe a pub trip with a tab – nice day for it.

But the boat was pushed out slightly further. We were given five minutes to sort ourselves out before heading to the Wrestlers for free food and booze (it was nearly lunchtime). Everything had been arranged. Since it was before noon we were ushered, if that’s the word, in through a side door – not the token wheelchair-accessible side door, but a deeper side door with direct access to kitchen and back of bar. We felt suitably honoured as we trooped through to the front.

Usual food, mind you. Incidentally, the Wrestlers has now splashed out on laminated menus. Which is handy as they’re wipe-clean. Ba-dum-tish.

After lunch came the next treat: bowling. The fifteen of us looked slightly incongruous amongst the sprinkling of youths that permanently inhabit the place like orcs in Moria. But it’s not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon, though given the weather I’d have been entirely happy with a beer and a patch of grass to sprawl upon. I very nearly won our second game, if that’s what you call them.

Perhaps the strangest part of the day was returning back to the office, where we were expected to put a couple of hours of work in. I did some bug-tracking chores and waved my mouse around a lot.

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