When white goods attack

Return from food shopping. Put fridge things away. Start putting freezer things away. Discover a certain… sogginess to its current contents.

Ah. It seems that, in revenge for my not performing defrosting duties voluntarily for the last ahem years, my freezer has decided to impose its own schedule. There goes my plan to wander into town and enjoy the decent weather. Instead I’m on my knees hacking away at Siberian permafrost, hoping to be finished before Christmas.

As further penance, the freezer extracts one small slice of thumb and attempts to detach the nail of my other thumb.

Avaragado predicts a trip to Tesco tomorrow.



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2 responses to “When white goods attack

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t believe you use your fridge or freezer, I guess you might at best have some cheese or maybe some uncurdled milk at best.
    Oh, and why don’t you get some real tea, I mean some that actually has some caffeine in it, I mean who on earth would be stupid enough to actually drink infusion of dried leaves if it didn’t actually have some decent drugs in it?

    • I do!

      I do use them! My fridge at the moment contains many items, all of them technically edible. There is no cheese, however.

      I freely admit that my freezer is still empty, as I haven’t been to Tesco yet.

      Assuming I remember when I do go, I’ll get some proper tea to avoid addicts having to go cold turkey during a visit.

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