Halo+Wings on order

As of yesterday I am officially a guardian angel. It’s like a godparent, but without the god. Though quite where the angels come from I’m not sure.

The occasion was Evie’s naming ceremony + first birthday party + Shazzie’s housewarming, all three taking place on a breezy summer’s day pretending to be autumn at Shazzie’s big new house in Impington.

As a guardian angel I was required to perform during the naming ceremony; in front of various relatives/friends of Evie/Shazzie/Matt I read a brand new composition by famous poet Avaragado, entitled “Been there, done that.” Key words are “gentle” and “irreverent”. No, I shall not be posting it here, thanks for asking. Those of you familiar with my oeuvre will know the sort of thing. It got a good reception, anyway. Someone even accused me of being a writer.

After the naming business some of the usual mob turned up: Lynda, Louise+Tim, Chef, Andy. We were also joined by Bob+Karen+Finlay and Andy+Lisa+Lucy+bump (bump due December). Lucy’s now toddling nicely, babbling away much like her parents but not yet in coherent English. Finlay, exactly a year younger than Lucy, now has a broad smile much like his dad but without the teeth.

Evie received a huge number of presents; good thing it’s a big house. Of course she won’t remember any of it when she’s older, and neither will many of the adults present due to the alcohol consumed.

Oh yes, we also buried Evie’s placenta (and planted a tree over it). It’s been in Matt’s freezer for the last year. Nice.


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