La Plagne 2006 video

10 min 58 sec, or 20.3 MB, of glorious widescreen ice is now available from Avaragado Pictures.

Anyone used Google Video or YouTube or similar? (Dis)recommendations?



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3 responses to “La Plagne 2006 video

  1. st1


    I used YouTube for a short video (maybe 2 minutes) with the goals from a football game we played.

    It’s free, low hassle, and there’s no content review so the video is online straight away.

    They transcode into their own codec, with a lower bitrate than your source, and the resulting quality can be iffy. There’s also an upper limit on the length of your clip.

    I didn’t use Google because they put uploads into a queue for human review.

  2. Anonymous

    YouTube seems more common

    Most videos I’ve seen posted on blogs seem to be YouTube, and their embeddable flash player is quite nice for then sticking it up on your blog.


  3. Anonymous


    The acting was somewhat wooden but then there was no plot. Stunts lacked any flair and mostly consist of people falling over. Foley work was good making it sound like real snow.

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