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New releases from Avaragado Pictures

Tonight was the long-awaited premiere of two, yes two new movies from Avaragado Pictures – Les Arcs 2007 and Rimini 2007. These videos are both now available on YouTube. Or, staggeringly, here.

Les Arcs 2007:

Rimini 2007:

In a surprise development, premiere attendees received Volume 2 of the Avaragado Pictures collection. Covering productions from Agde 2004 through to Rimini 2007, this exquisitely designed and packaged DVD – not available in any shops – is proof that Avaragado Pictures has had a little too much time on its hands recently.



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Let me be ABSOLUTELY clear from the outset

I did not film this video. I did, however, edit it according to the brief.

And I think it’s come out rather well. Should anyone want to do anything so contemporary as to Digg it, however one does such a thing, I shan’t stand in their way.


Viewer discretion is advised. Worksafeness depends on employer policies, local weather conditions and current terror threat level. It’s a bit filthy, but only in your own head.


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La Plagne 2006 video

10 min 58 sec, or 20.3 MB, of glorious widescreen ice is now available from Avaragado Pictures.

Anyone used Google Video or YouTube or similar? (Dis)recommendations?


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Les Arcs

For the last six months I have toiled, nay sweated, nay actually lazed, over the latest Avaragado Pictures production: the Les Arcs 2005 video.

Available now at the usual place. WMV, 11.3 MB, 5 min 41.

[Edited to reference WMV not RM.]


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