Tedious quiz update

Ha! Robert and I won the quiz again, despite having a shocker of a music round. I guess everyone else did too. (It was all that thumpa-thumpa music, nothing with a nice melody, and why do they always shout these days?)

£42 this time.

Amazingly we correctly named four out of five Bond films based on the name of a female villain, which is a lot harder than it seems (I was confident of only one). See if you can do it without cheating: Miranda Frost; May Day; Rosie Carver; Naomi; Elektra King. We also got four of the five most populous US cities whose names have two words.

No bingo wins this time. We didn’t want to appear too ostentatious.


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One response to “Tedious quiz update

  1. Anonymous

    Is there a prize?

    May Day is Grace Jones in the 948th bond film, “View from the Eiffel Tower”

    Elektra King is Jonathan King’s porn star daughter.

    Rosie Carver is a butcher’s wife from Stourbridge.

    Miranda Frost is a Guardian Arts Correspondant.

    Naomi is a new perfume endorsed by Prince.

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