Never heard of them

Six of my many Cambridge photos were nominated, and (shock!) all six selected, for inclusion in the latest Cambridge edition of the Schmap “dynamic travel guide”.

It’s a downloadable Windows application including maps, reviews, and so on. To be honest I don’t see the value of the thing on a desktop PC, as Google gives better maps and helps you find more up-to-date reviews. This kind of thing would be much more useful on a PDA.

My cynical self initially wondered whether my photos were picked entirely at random, but I don’t think so. I would have picked a different six, I suspect, but I can see reasons for picking the six they picked. Having said that, one of the six has, at time of writing, been viewed precisely zero times—so they were picked by looking through a big list, without looking at the images themselves.

Still, it’s nice to be recognised. (Next: it’s about time I got into Flickr’s Explore view.)


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