Les Arcs

IMG_5174Yes, we’re back. And unless I’m very much mistaken, in an average of one piece each.

Things learned in Les Arcs this year:

  • I can go for 36 hours without any sleep, and ski during the tired end of that time.
  • Travelling between Lille and the Alps by train would be OK with (a) places to sleep and (b) you know, some sort of open buffet car of some kind serving actual food and drink for a seven hour journey.
  • The useless goggles I bought in Les Arcs two years ago are actually not useless. In fact they’re better than my useless sunglasses.
  • I am most likely to receive offers of contract work while half-way down a ski run. There’s insufficient data at present to determine whether the difficulty of the work offered is proportional to the difficulty of the piste.
  • I need new walking boots, preferably with soles not made from teflon.
  • I can get down a red hill covered in sheet ice while remaining upright, performing turns and avoiding other skiers.
  • It is possible to have a tasty omelette in a piste-side restaurant.
  • I can, within reason, write and send texts while skiing. The ‘within reason’ bit meaning ‘when hardly moving’ and ‘after a beer’. Karma ensures that I fall over my own feet soon afterwards.

As my fellow travellers are or will be Flickrites, I’ve created a Flickr group for all the photos. Just mine and Chris’s so far, as the others are lazy.


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