That was the week that was

I’m not going to dot/cross all appropriate letters, but really, the last week deserves some bloggage.

Monday: Someone I’ve been texting (lots)/chatting with (often)/meeting (once)/planning to meet (once)/taking a shine to (yes) suddenly reveals a hitherto unmentioned partner. In other news, I start pitching for some freelance work.

Tuesday: Said person admits the partner was there all along, apologises for misleading me, and cuts all contact. Flickr linkage removed. I get grumpy and decide, reasonably, not to attend planned day with said person in London tomorrow. Nothing much else happens.

Wednesday: Said person deletes Flickr account, despite having recently paid money, in apparent ‘run away!’ tactic. I discover who the partner is, anyway; I’m not daft. Further freelance pitchage. In other news, I win a bottle of wine at the bingo.

Thursday: Detective Dave. Move along, nothing to see. Lunch with single mother of my acquaintance, plus offspring. No, I’m not the father. Early on, we bump into too-cool-for-school former work colleague whose 30th birthday it is today; he’s wandering back to work from lunch. Later on, we bump into same person again; this time, he’s wandering into town for dinner. Seven-hour lunch, you see (aforementioned single mum spends hours trying on shop contents). Am invited to lunch tomorrow to discuss freelance work.

Friday: Business lunch cancelled due to scheduling problems. Phone chat indicates continued interest; possible air travel. Friends take out onions on hearing of Mon-Wed shenanigans regarding said person. Promising pub conversations, scuppered by not-present third party, thus summing up week. Ridiculously late night, blamed on alcohol.


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