Let me be ABSOLUTELY clear from the outset

I did not film this video. I did, however, edit it according to the brief.

And I think it’s come out rather well. Should anyone want to do anything so contemporary as to Digg it, however one does such a thing, I shan’t stand in their way.


Viewer discretion is advised. Worksafeness depends on employer policies, local weather conditions and current terror threat level. It’s a bit filthy, but only in your own head.



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9 responses to “Let me be ABSOLUTELY clear from the outset

  1. Anonymous

    can i…

    can i lick me, can i lick me… go on let me lick me…

  2. Anonymous


    Quality food pron! When Nigella calls (and she *will* call) can I help do the sound or summat?

  3. Anonymous


    So why do you want to make it so clear you didn’t film it? Would you have been embarrassed? Is the camera work bad? Is it porn, not art?

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