Five million for coffee

Whenever I think of unions I think of one particular Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch (1 min 34, just after Rowan Atkinson walks into a tree in a humorous fashion).

That has now changed: I’ve been at the TUC conference in Brighton. You may have seen me on the wireless television. I proposed a motion to Congress calling for the creation of a Union of Web Professionals, with the power to strike whenever some clueless bozo overlord tries to impose a dumb design upon one of their members. Demarcation, brothers, demarcation! Everybody out! Beer and sandwiches! Disastrous comb-overs!

OK, I didn’t do any of that.

But I am currently in Brighton and will remain in that higher state of being until Saturday. I’ve spent the last two days performing impressions of David Bailey, taking over a thousand photos for a new Shazzie project (she’ll whittle them down to the best several hundred). Tomorrow we’ll be pottering about and hopefully playing a round of crazy golf – children and weather permitting.


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