New releases from Avaragado Pictures

Tonight was the long-awaited premiere of two, yes two new movies from Avaragado Pictures – Les Arcs 2007 and Rimini 2007. These videos are both now available on YouTube. Or, staggeringly, here.

Les Arcs 2007:

Rimini 2007:

In a surprise development, premiere attendees received Volume 2 of the Avaragado Pictures collection. Covering productions from Agde 2004 through to Rimini 2007, this exquisitely designed and packaged DVD – not available in any shops – is proof that Avaragado Pictures has had a little too much time on its hands recently.



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2 responses to “New releases from Avaragado Pictures

  1. Anonymous


    Now we know how Andy stays thin. It takes it him hours to prepare each meal!

    Also what is with the widescreen? Did you film it that way (poser) or was it postprocessed to be like that.

    It also needs to start with warnings about the FBI prosecuting viewers.

    You need better stunt people.

    The second one looks just Gladiator, but without the plot and the swimming.

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