Run, Fat Boy, Run

Last night the usual gang of five went to the Vue to see Run, Fat Boy, Run, the new David Schwimmer-directed, Simon Pegg-starring film. I thought the ginger one was just acting in this one, but he has a screenplay credit too.

It’s a by-numbers Brit romcom, heavy on the product placement from a manufacturer of overpriced swoosh-bearing footwear. (I mean, one present of trainers I could live with, but two?) Two men battling for the affections of one woman – check. Precocious child – check. Comedy hangers-on – check. A galaxy of Britslebs in cameos – check.

Supposedly Bill Bailey appears dressed as Gandalf in one scene set during a marathon; I must have missed that one. I did spot Noel Fielding walking past in another scene. The funniest guest appearance is by David Walliams, playing a near-clone of his Mr Mann character from Little Britain.

The film won’t win any awards, but it made me laugh, so that’ll do.

Avaragado’s rating: two gingerbread men


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