Incest, guilt and Orangina

  • The office Christmas party was on Thursday night: the Big Buddha. I spent most of the evening chatting to Nigel, who it emerged knows Piers (then/now) from their days at Element 14 and Broadcom. He also worked with Anil at Creature Labs. Incestuous Cambridge strikes again! I took four photos in the Maypole afterwards.
  • At work on Friday I learned that WoC didn’t have any more stock of the display I ordered and had offered some alternatives. I naturally went for the better end of the list; the responsible adult said OK, and a few hours later I had a (cough) 24 inch, 1920×1200 Iiyama on my desk. I had the decency to feel guilty.
  • Andrew and I ate at the Punter on Friday night – I had a wonderful lasagne’n’chips. We then went to the Fleur, where I papped the world’s orangest man. We’ve decided to call him Orangina, though he’s approaching Ribena.

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