Vast media conspiracy, etc

So the US military shot down the satellite (apparently). But why is nobody talking about the real reason?

It’s not because of worries about contamination, that’s just standard military cover story #27.

It’s not a cover for testing anti-satellite technology either, as the Russians are claiming.

It’s because the satellite contains/contained tech the US military doesn’t want China or Russia to recover from any bits that make it through the atmosphere.

I can understand why the US aren’t giving the real reason (muslims under the beds etc), and why Russia and China are making fake claims (better to express outrage at an administration the world generally despises than to stoke more fears about an arms race).

But why aren’t the media talking about it? I know they generally just reflect the spin the various parties put on any story, but surely someone understands what’s actually going on. I’ve seen a couple of Newsnight stories on this and was expecting a full-on Paxman blast at various sweaty officials, but nothing.


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  1. Anonymous

    Who is the customer?

    You have gravely mistaken who you think the customers of the media organisations are! The real customers are the advertising agencies that place advertising as well as the advertiser. “Content” is just the filler between the ads. That is why they follow lurid crap with easy appeal like what Britney Spears did in the last 24 hours.

    As for commentary on what is really going on, you’d have to consult the infinite monkeys on typewriters blogosphere.

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