Keep Calm and Carry On

If you are easily shocked or surprised, have a medical condition or are otherwise under the doctor, are below the age of legal responsibility, or are less than 5’2 tall, please take a moment to find and occupy a comfortable chair or other bum-park.




Chris and Melanie are getting married.



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5 responses to “Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. st1

    Your warning wasn’t sufficient

    ..typing this from the floor

  2. Anonymous


    [cheap shot]So who are they marrying?[/cheap shot]

    [conspiracy theory]It is to avoid having bastard offspring[/conspiracy theory]


  3. Anonymous


    You appear to missed out the salacious information about how the dirty deed happened! Was one or both of them prostrated in a public place? Was there a silence before “yes” was said full of comedic potential? Were elements dug out of the ground in Africa involved? Were they too old fangled to have evidence up at Youtube?

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