Mostly harmful

What a primitive world you humans inhabit.

A world in which the most successful at spreading fear and terror are those charged with the fight against fear and terror, who declaim solemnly that to secure freedom you must surrender your freedom.

A world in which a bewildered, misguided old man in a silly hat and a frock holds sway over a billion of you with his hate-filled, evidence-free invective.

A world in which having is fine, but sharing is not unless a complex set of criteria agreed by neither the giver nor the receiver are abided by, to the benefit almost entirely of the writers of the criteria and not those they claim to have written those criteria on behalf of.

A world in which statistical outliers and anomalies have massively greater influence over what happens than statistical likelihoods, resulting in death and destruction on a vast scale that, unlike the outliers and anomalies, is apparently entirely unnoteworthy.

A world in which the difference between truth and falsehood, between guilt and innocence, between libel and opinion and between fact and fiction is often measured in gold.

A world in which people are sometimes not allowed to know that they are not allowed to know.

A world in which belief in a mythical sky fairy endows legal rights to discriminate, and in which choosing not to believe in a mythical sky fairy, or in the most culturally appropriate mythical sky fairy, can result in a painful and premature death.

A world in which plenty is never enough, where your wealth is seemingly determined by people who are only interested in their own wealth betting other people’s wealth that your wealth will go up or down more or less than other people betting other people’s wealth think; and getting it wrong, and repeating it daily forever with nobody calling a halt to the madness for fear that all these people will bet all these other people’s wealth that your wealth will go down.

A world in which legislation to prohibit certain actions and stupidity trumps trust and common sense unless the acquisition of vast wealth via betting is involved, in which case trust and common sense trump legislation even where it is plain from experience that the people involved are untrustworthy and lack common sense.

A world in which the foolish and the gullible are neither protected nor educated but treated as prized markets to exploit.

A world in which the most fundamental, irreplaceable resources are mined, squandered, moulded and fashioned via the collective expertise of hundreds of generations, causing untold waste and pollution and permanently damaging the environment of the only planet you inhabit, then quickly discarded into large holes in the ground or thrown into the sea, all in the pursuit of wealth and frippery.

Time for the hyperspace bypass.


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  1. Roger

    You seem to think that we aren’t just an invasive species of animal, and are somehow above all that. Ironically enough that is also what the people following sky fairies claim.

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