Avaragado’s 2015 predictions – results

A small but perfectly formed cadre of New Year’s Eve lunchers attended B Bar, AKA Baroosh, today to hear the results of my predictions for the year now blowing damply into the North Sea.

As ever, the tall but perfectly drunk Chris Walsh adjudicated. A double-check showed he gave me a point more than I deserved, which I’ve corrected. Commentary etc in square brackets.


  • ✗ There is more than one UK general election.
  • ✗ After one of the general elections, speaker John Bercow is deposed.
  • ✗ The royal child-beast is of the girl persuasion, and called Elizabeth. [Charlotte Elizabeth Diana]
  • ✓ Hillary Clinton confirms she will run for US President.
  • ✗ Kim Jong Un is deposed as leader of North Korea.
  • ✗ The record for the highest temperature in the UK is broken.

[Score: 1/6]


  • ✗ Sepp Blatter is not re-elected as president of FIFA. [Re-elected, but then suspended]
  • ✓ Chelsea win the English Premier League.
  • ✗ Australia retain the Ashes. [Chris marked this one right, but it wasn’t]
  • ✗ Germany win the women’s football World Cup in Canada. [USA]
  • ✓ Oxford wins the University Boat Race, again.
  • ✗ Cyprus comes top of the medal table in the keenly anticipated Games of the Small States of Europe in Reykjavik. [Iceland]

[Score: 2/6]

Science and technology

  • ✗ Apple releases a MacBook Air with a retina display.
  • ✗ The Dawn spacecraft discovers ice volcanoes on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres.
  • ✓ The probe Philae on the surface of comet 67P emerges from hibernation sufficiently to send useful scientific data.
  • ✗ Microsoft buys Fitbit. [IPO]
  • ✓ Dick Costolo leaves his position as CEO of Twitter.
  • ✗ YouTube users upload over 500 hours of video per minute on average. [Who knows?]

[Score: 2/6]


  • ✗ Best Actor Oscar: Michael Keaton, Birdman. [Eddie Redmayne]
  • ✓ Best Actress Oscar: Julianne Moore, Still Alice.
  • ✓ Best Picture Oscar: Birdman.
  • ✗ Best Director Oscar: Richard Linklater, Boyhood. [Birdman]
  • ✓ Best Visual Effects Oscar: Interstellar.
  • ✗ The BBC says BBC 4 will follow BBC 3 and move online.

[Score: 3/6]

Celebrity deathwatch

  • ✗ Dodgy FIFA boss before the other dodgy FIFA boss, João Havelange (98)
  • ✓ Avenger before the other Avengers, actor Patrick Macnee (92)
  • ✓ Dracula, Scaramanga, Saruman, Dooku, actor Christopher Lee (92)
  • ✗ I’ve met him you know, comics elder Stan Lee (92)
  • ✗ President Bush before the other President Bush, George HW Bush (90)
  • ✓ Spock before the other Spock, actor Leonard Nimoy (82)
  • ✗ Run out, umpire Dickie Bird (81)
  • ✗ War criminal, ex-veep Dick Cheney (73)
  • ✗ Floating like an ex-butterfly, stinging like an ex-bee, boxer Muhammad Ali (72)

[Score: 3/9]

[Total score: 11/33 = 33% – up on last years 22%, but some way short of 2013’s 50%!]

Stay tuned to this bat-channel for Avaragado’s predictions for 2016.


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