Idiocy and expertise

I have – once or twice – been known to refer to Michael Gove as a “dangerous idiot”. In my opinion he is Dunning-Kruger in living, breathing, frightening action in one of the highest offices of state. He inserted his 1950s oar to screw up education and is now Lord Chancellor. He has somehow not yet screwed this up, probably because most of his changes seem to have been reversals of the chum-brained policies of his colleague Chris Grayling. Those two, plus Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith, make up the Four Horsemen of the Brexocalypse: I’ll leave it up to you to parcel out all the roles, but Grayling’s definitely Gummo.

Gove was interviewed last night about the EU referendum, and made this statement: “I think people in this country have had enough of experts.”


What Gove means, of course, is that he has had enough of experts. Specifically, experts who disagree with him. Atop his Dunning-Kruger pinnacle Gove is unaware of how unaware he is and, by the thundering power of his own ego wrapped in his child-catcher ice-cream politeness and seduced by his own connections, he has decided he knows more than they do. He believes he is more expert than the experts.

Oh, but this kind of expert is fine by Gove, I expect.

Specialists with years, decades of training and experience, who live and breathe their subject: nope, but for one exception. The only knowledge he respects is political knowledge. To read a brief, to answer questions, to spin, to dodge, to answer without answering, to make small talk, to win elections.

This explains how he screwed up education, and how he will likely go on to screw up justice – or worse. Empirical understanding valued less than ideology and self-belief. He won, therefore he is correct.

Gove and his ilk are no different than Icke and his, bar a few lizards. It is dangerous idiocy let loose in power, a toddler diving into a ball pit of people’s lives.

2016. What a year. A year that might end with the four horsemen in charge here, and Biff Tannen over there. God help us all. No wonder everyone’s dying.

Time to rewatch Being There.



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2 responses to “Idiocy and expertise

  1. Dave O'Neill

    But apart from that Mrs Lincoln how was the play?

    I was chatting to a barrister friend when I was over in Feb and he did say that he and his co-workers were astounded at the lack of total disaster from Gove but did chalk it down to the fact that all he was able to do was walk back on Graylings stupidity.

    I know some people who think of themselves as ‘decent’, ‘old school’ Tories who, when presented with the desperate incompetence of the current government will point out that they’re all decent and capable men who have proven themselves in the private sector.

    Speaking of which… I am fairly confident that Donald Trump will not be the next President of the United States. More confident in that being the case than I am whether or not the UK votes for being irrelevant in 3 weeks time.

    Seriously, I had some bloody stupid ideas at 14 but grew out of them. Watching some of these clowns it’s like they got silly ideas into their heads and didn’t evolve any critical thinking skills. :(

  2. Barry Woods

    What did Gove actually mean?

    Thankfully, the interviewer actually asked Gove what he meant!

    – experts that got things consistently wrong –

    Who knew!

    (in fact he interrupted midsentence) so we know exactly what Gove meant – but nobody bother to quote his full sentence, I wonder why. ..

    As Gove said experts (the ones) that got things consistently WRONG..
    Seems fair enough..? Post elections/referendums I’m sure lots of people have had enough of polling experts that get polls consistently wrong? (my little joke)

    Transcript(includes url of video clip of the interview, so you can check)

    Michael Gove: “…I think the people in this country have had enough of experts with organisations from acronyms saying…. (interruption)”

    Faisal Islam: “This country have had enough of experts?! What do you mean by that?! ”

    Michael Gove: “…from organisations with acronyms saying that they know what is best, and getting it consistently wrong –

    Faisal Islam: The people of this country have had enough of experts?!

    Michael Gove: “Because these people, these people are the same ones who got consistently wrong what was happening”

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