Sleep? What’s that?

I’ve woken on the hour every hour since I dropped off at about 1am.
My alarm wakes me at 6am. I’m ready to go by 6.15, pacing the room.
Walking hurts but sitting makes it hurt more when I get up again.

My brother Mike arrives just before 6.30 to drive me to the
hospital. He carries my bag.

We arrive at the Cambridge Lea at around 6:45, before Reception has
opened. We follow signs to the ward, but a nurse there turns us round
and returns us to Reception where a well-coiffed lady is just opening
up and complaining about her computer.

“I’m here to check in, if that’s what it’s called.” They’re expecting
me. I fill in a medical questionnaire. She swipes my credit card and asks
me whether I want a morning newspaper. It’s a hotel with scalpels.

She leads me and Mike down Doctor Who-style identikit corridors to
my room. My inner geek smiles that I’m in room 128. Ooh, a power of two.


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