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Avaragado’s 2009 predictions

I predict that Avaragado’s 2010 predictions will be made in 2011. Meanwhile, here are my predictions for what remains of 2009. I’ve listed them in tedious bullet points so that my official adjudicator has less to think about.

It looks just like my uncle Oscar

  • Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger
  • Best Actor: Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
  • Best Supporting Actress: Taraji P Henson, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Best Actress: Kate Winslet, The Reader
  • Best Picture: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Best Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire

I’m glad you asked me that question, Jeremy

  • Peter Mandelson loses his job as Business Secretary.
  • Alistair Darling loses his job as Chancellor.
  • Ed Balls becomes the new Chancellor.

Wonderful World of Nature

  • Yellowstone does not explode and turn much of North America into (even more of) a wasteland.
  • A global flu pandemic starts.
  • There will be two earthquakes of magnitude 8 or above on the Richter scale.

Tedious Town of Tech

  • SCO finally throws in the towel.
  • Microsoft buys Palm to get the Pre.
  • A statement posted to Twitter causes a publicly traded company’s stock to drop dramatically.

I’m 800, you know

  • Cambridge win the University Boat Race.
  • The Guided Bus does not fully open to paying customers this year.
  • In the 2009 May Bumps, Caius finishes first in the Men’s First Division.

Des or Dickie? Des, obviously

  • Usain Bolt takes the 100m world record to 9.60s +/- 0.02s
  • England is the only home nation to qualify for the football World Cup in South Africa in 2010.
  • Andy Murray loses in the men’s singles final at Wimbledon.
  • Australia retains the Ashes.
  • Lewis Hamilton wins more grands prix than any other driver in the 2009 F1 season.
  • Felipe Massa is 2009 F1 world champion.

Celebrity Deathwatch

  • Patrick Swayze
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Norman Wisdom
  • Peter Sallis
  • Steve Jobs
  • Britney Spears


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Avaragado’s 2008 predictions – results

In response to the scandals surrounding various phone-in competitions on TV last year, I am now obliged by the Competition Regulations (Webular Logifications) Act 2008 to appoint an independent adjudicator to assess my 2008 predictions. Were I to foolishly score myself, I would be subject to criminal proceedings and the potential loss of my jacket.

So I now hand you over to Mr C. P. Walsh for his scoring.

We make it 27% — much better than last year :)


* Total number of gold medals in Beijing for Great Britain: seven

– 19, way off. No points.

* one of these in athletics, either Radcliffe or Ohuruogu.

– yes, Ohuruogu got a gold. 1 point

* The display by next hosts London in the closing ceremony is
excruciatingly embarrassing

– True, but unavoidable given Boris’ participation. Half a point.

* involves hundreds of pearly kings and queens.

– A red london bus, but no cockney pensioners. Nul points.

[1.5 out of 4]

EURO 2008

* Germany beat Italy in the final on penalties (1-1 AET).

– Germany were in the final (1 point), but didn’t win, there was no
Italy, and no penalties.

[1 out of 4]


* I’m plumping for Hillary Clinton (no) /Bill Richardson (no) as the
Democratic ticket and eventual winners (yes). The Republicans go with
John McCain (yes)/Rudolph Giuliani (no).

[2 out of 5]


* A citizen journalist dies trying to get a story. I am truly amazed
this hasn’t happened yet.

– yes, Wei Wenhua.

[1 out of 1]


* Ken Livingstone is re-elected as London Mayor. Boris Johnson is his
usual shambolic laughing-stock self and nearly loses second place to
the Lib Dem candidate, Brian Paddick.

– Nope.

[0 out of 1]


* News at Ten returns on ITV1 to fanfares and indifference, (yes, but
no points) and is gone again by the autumn (no, still there). Sir Trev
retires (yes). (Note to future self: no points for it actually
returning, since that’s long-planned.)

[1 out of 2]


* Britain has a scorching summer

– not really…

* Temperatures reach 100 F (37.8 C) in parts of Kent.

– Nope, highest recorded temp was Cambridge NIAB (Cambridgeshire)
recorded a maximum temperature of 30.2 °C on the 28th July.

* TV reporters perform the traditional compare-and-contrast manoeuvre
– showing clips of themselves from 2007 standing in several feet of
water then cutting to the same, baking hot location of 2008.

– No baking hot locations to be had :(

[0 out of 3]


* the house price crash actually happens

– Yes!

* And then prices start to rise again, of course

– Not so far!

[1 out of 2]


* There’ll be a major skirmish, perhaps even a small war, between
India and Pakistan. It’ll be the fault of Bush’s “ally” in the War on
Trrr, President Musharraf.

– Rumblings intensified after Mumbai attacks, but nothing approaching
a skirmish.

[0 out of 1]


* One point each: Richard Attenborough, Richard Briers, June
Whitfield, Michael Foot, Nancy Reagan.

– All very much alive and kicking!

[0 out of 5]

TOTAL SCORE: 7.5 out of 28

Many thanks Chris.

I haven’t given the first thought to predictions for 2009. You might see something over the weekend.

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Happy New Year

It’s been a couple of years since a New Year’s Eve party at Bov and Chrissie’s. According to my extensive records (Flickr), three years, in fact.

Bov and Chrissie graciously invited a bunch of us round to see in 2009. As you’ll see from the photos, Chris seems to be adopting a “gay geography teacher” look with corduroy jacket and flower. You may also spot some familiar faces of old, such as Ray and Elaine. I think one of the two lads at the rear-centre of the final photo is her son, who you may remember running around the IXI office as a young child. It is your right and privilege to feel old at this point.

Coming soon: those 2008 predictions scored.

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