The house of squid extends its tentacles

Hmm, Tarantella has bought another company: Caststream. Broadcasts presentations over the net with synchronised video and audio, apparently. “Completely cross-platform” supports both Windows and Mac. But not Linux apparently.


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2 responses to “The house of squid extends its tentacles

  1. Anonymous

    Not quite as it seems

    The new management crew used to work there. They basically got TTA to buy their old company and that way turned their old company into publically traded TTA shares. Some quick boosting, they can flip the profit and move onto the next venture.

    • st1

      Re: Not quite as it seems

      This is true. Basically Castsream was seven people, and they’re all now working at TTLA in some capacity or other. In fact, they’ve all been here for months, there was just a delay in formalising the reverse aquisition.

      The product’s nothing special, to be honest. It’s all based on Quicktime. I think they pitched it as “WebEx in a box”.

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