Sleep? What’s that? Redux

I call the nurse to turn out a light (one my button doesn’t control)
and flatten out my bed a little, so I’ve a better chance of sleeping.
I settle for the night, and then another nurse arrives for the last
obs of the day. She removes the blood pressure armbands and turns off
the machine, so I won’t have that annoying me all night.

Even so, I’ve still got the line in my hand (not plugged in to anything),
and can’t turn onto my side (how I normally get to sleep), and it’s as
hot as a furnace, and the man next door can’t sleep so he’s wibbling away
to the nurses at full volume. Sleep doesn’t come easily.

I go to the toilet at about 3am, all by myself, and decide to throw
off most of the covers on my bed to cool down a bit. It’s slightly more
comfortable now, but I sleep only a couple of hours.


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