Not long now!

Just -308 days to go until last Christmas!

Searching for present ideas? I can thoroughly recommend the fine products of Transglobal Emporium, including the Luxury Shed Calendar 2004 and my favourite, the Time Savers Greetings Card.

Disclaimer: Avaragado’s brother is responsible for the Greetings Card.



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4 responses to “Not long now!

  1. Anonymous

    ERROR MESSAGE ON 308 days 10:15

    Dave just to let you know the following happened

    Extended Server Error Message:
    List Retrieval rejected:

    550 /_ht_a: No such file or directory.

    • Anonymous

      Re: ERROR MESSAGE ON 308 days 10:15

      I found a couple of broken links on today as well — could you fix those too when you have a minute?

  2. Anonymous

    Other great Xmas gifts

    … on So I hear.

    • Anonymous

      Re: Other great Xmas gifts

      The “Agave Nectar” could be of particular interest to the singletons among us: “Use as a replacement for dates”

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