Pesky native legends

It’s funny how people pooh-pooh native legends. Oh, they say, don’t take any notice of those wacky stories.

And then you discover that they were right all along.

The islanders describe Ebu Gogo as being about one metre tall, hairy and prone to “murmuring” to each other in some form of language. They were also able to repeat what islanders said to them in a parrot-like fashion.

And they might still be there, somewhere. Using tools, living in trees, a separate branch from Homo Erectus. Sadly, if they are still there, we’ll probably wipe ’em out soon enough.

Things that spring to mind: “animal” rights; communication techniques; “prime directive”. It would be like first contact with an alien species, except we’d be the ones with the high technology. Bah, it’ll never happen. And if it happens, it’ll never happen like that. Bah. But anyway, Cor.


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