Avaragado and friends predict(ish) 2019

Hello, dear reader. It’s been a year, hasn’t it? And soon it’ll be another year. So it goes.

I gave up the proper prediction business some time ago, but at a casual wine-faced lunch today I subjected a subset of the usual suspects to a barragette of questions related to the Year of Oh Lord 2019. Herewith are those questions and our answers. Feel free to add your own answers in the comments. Chris has agreed to handle the scoring this very day next year, in the unlikely event that there is one.

One or other

  1. The upcoming Sussex youngling. Which flavour: M, F or other?
    • Chris: F (and ginger)
    • Melanie: M
    • Chef: M
    • David: F
  2. Ultima Thule, to be visited by New Horizons mere hours after I post. What will it turn out to be: contact binary, close binary, or other?
    • Chris: other – non-binary
    • Melanie: close binary
    • Chef: contact binary
    • David: contact binary
  3. The Crystal Maze, Richard Ayoade edition. Axed or not?
    • Chris: axed
    • Melanie: axed
    • Chef: axed
    • David: axed

Yes or no, plus

  1. Will there be a second referendum on Brexit? If there is, who wins?
    • Chris: no (if there is, remain wins)
    • Melanie: no (dunno)
    • Chef:  no (remain)
    • David: no (remain)
  2. Will there be a general election? If there is, who wins?
    • Chris: no (DUP) (yes, he’d had a few glasses of wine by now)
    • Melanie: no (hung)
    • Chef: yes (hung)
    • David: yes (hung)
  3. Will Brexit happen on March 29th? (I should’ve asked about the type of deal really)
    • Chris: yes
    • Melanie: yes
    • Chef: yes (with some deal, but not May’s current offering)
    • David: yes

Higher or lower

  1. Which film has the better opening weekend: Avengers Endgame or Star Wars Episode IX?
    • Chris: IX (but he actually thinks AE) (yes, still drinking)
    • Melanie: IX
    • Chef: IX
    • David: AE
  2. Which football gang finishes higher in the 2018-19 Premier League: Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur?
    • Chris: Arsenal (via Accrington Stanley) (cheers)
    • Melanie: Tottenham
    • Chef: Arsenal
    • David: Tottenham
  3. Which corporation has the greater market capitalisation: Apple or Microsoft?
    • Chris: Apple
    • Melanie: Microsoft
    • Chef: Microsoft
    • David: Microsoft

Comings and goings

(as at December 31, 2019)

  1. Who will be the UK PM?
    • Chris: Theresa May
    • Melanie: Sajid Javid
    • Chef: Boris Johnson
    • David: Sajid Javid
  2. Who will be the Manchester United football manager?
    • Chris: Sir Alex Ferguson (hic)
    • Melanie: Jose Mourinho
    • Chef: Ole Gunnar Solskjær
    • David: Ole Gunnar Solskjær
  3. How many moonwalkers will still be alive? (Currently, 4 of 12)
    • Chris: 3
    • Melanie: 3
    • Chef: 4
    • David: 3


  1. When will Trump resign? Or won’t he resign in 2019?
    • Chris: he won’t resign
    • Melanie: he won’t resign
    • Chef: he won’t resign
    • David: June 1st
  2. When will May resign? Or won’t she resign in 2019?
    • Chris: she won’t resign
    • Melanie: June
    • Chef: October 1st
    • David: April 15th
  3. When will Prince Philip die? Or will he make it to 2020?
    • Chris: January 10th
    • Melanie: he won’t die in 2019
    • Chef: June 1st
    • David: he won’t die in 2019

Run along now.


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One response to “Avaragado and friends predict(ish) 2019

  1. Roger

    How about predictions for brexit day itself? So far the buzz makes y2k look tame. Obviously the media will be able to make mountains out of molehills at the time, but will there be any actual calamity?

    My prediction is not really.

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